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The CEO has been in the financial service industry for over 11 years and has 3 years of corporate marketing experience with a multi-national organization. He recently was a sales manager for 3 years with a national equipment leasing company where he supervised and trained over 15 employees. Robert is a true entrepreneur that embraces his vision with passion. His dream is to grow Atria Capital Corp. to more than $250 million in lease originations.

Company Background

Industry figures state that over $200 billion of lease loans are originated each year. That figure has been growing at steady pace. We are entering into a fragmented industry where hundreds of small leasing companies control the playing field. There are a few key players in the market but where they fall short we fit in.

Company goals are to grow to a fully staffed organization with a hierarchy structure. Anyone in the early stages would be rewarded by entering into a faced paced/fast track career into commercial banking. Our plans are to be a direct lender by year 4. That means we would have to have the capacity to originate over 6-7 million dollars of our own money and be very competitive against the key players and also service our other accounts to our current lenders.

We are looking to build and groom a management team that enables us to attain our goals.

Need for our Services

You would be calling vendors/sales professional that need our service. We are in the business of getting there customers financed.

1. 8 out of 10 companies lease there equipment
2. preservation of credit lines
3. Overcome budget restraints
4. Allow off balance sheet treatment and tax advantages
5. Fixed monthly payment provides a hedge against inflation
6. Quicker process than obtaining bank lines
7. Leasing offers payment plans tailored to the customers needs
8. Avoid obsolescence of old equipment
9. Pay for it as your earn the money
10. Finance up 110% of the costs related to the equipment


This is a softer sell than telemarketing, more of a consultative approach.
There are niche markets that we can get into. You would be apart of developing marketing strategies, tailoring programs towards that industry.


We will provide the training necessary to learn this business as fast as possible. We are seeking candidates who are willing to commit and dedicate 3 months of there life to this business. In return you would fully understand commercial credit, cash flow management, corporate tax returns, and make a very good living.

Average leasing specialist earns over $150K a year. Top producers can earn in the $500k range. We project our first year candidates to earn realistically $65 – 80k. Second year over $120k.
You will have the ability to build a sales team beneath you. There are no boundaries. You will earn a percentage of there business.


The growth of the leasing industry is fueled by so many factors. That’s what makes it so attractive. Banks wouldn’t be in this business if there was no money to made! Factors that would help us in the next few years; rising interest rates make leasing far more attractive than conventional loans. Economy is growing at a record pace, manufacturing is up, production and output of GNP is rising fast, and there will always be a cycle of development and growth in all industries.

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